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Sustainable development project – towards more ecological products

Avantopool has completed a development project with the main targets to improve the material efficiency and to shift to using natural gas as refrigerant in the Kinos cold pool. Additionally, the target was to make electrical modifications matching the standards in the US and Japanese markets.

The main target from material efficiency point of view was to reduce the volume of steel used in the pool frame. Through re-designing the frame, we have managed to reduce the steel consumption by 25%. At the same time the total weight of the product is reduced reduced by 13%.

Refrigerants are used in cooling units for generating the cold. From environmental point of view the refrigerants are classified based on their GWP value (Global Warming Potential). In EU and basically around the world companies, using refrigerants in their products, are encouraged to shift using refrigerants which have as low GWP value as possible and preferably close to zero, which is the case with natural gasses. In Kinos model Avantopool is using refrigerant R134a, which is widely used and has a medium GWP value of 1360. As a result from the development project, Avantopool will, from beginning of 2023, start using natural gas R290, which has a GWP value of 3.

Additionally, the target was to develop a smart “sleep mode” function, which, when used, will reduce the electricity consumption up to 50%. The user may program period(s) during the day when the device automatically goes to sleep mode. While in sleep mode, the energy consumption is zero. This function will be introduced end of October 2022.

Avantopool has a target to enter the US and Japanese markets within 2023. The electrical standards in these markets are different from the European equivalent. During this project Avantopool has developed the electrical and control units matching the requirements in both key markets.

Avantopool has applied funding for this project from European Regional Development Fund.