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Frequently Asked Questions


From our local distrubutor or our web shop.

Limited two-year warranty.

Delivery cost depends on size of the shipment and destination.

Lead time is typically 3-14 working days.

Our pools are manufactured mainly in Finland.

Europe and Middle East.

  • Kinos and Kinos Plus: You can customize panels and lid by UV printing (logos/color etc.)
  • Hanki and Kide: You can customize the Hanki lid by UV printing or taping

A small extra fee applies to customization.


  • Kinos and Kinos Plus: +4-38°C  
  • Cooling and heating unit with Hanki and Kide: +4-40°C 
  • Kinos and Kinos Plus: 4-5°C/h 
  • Cooling and heating unit with Hanki and Kide: 7-9°C/h

With a water hose and a submersible pump.


  • Kinos and Kinos Plus: Yes, when fully protected from weather (for example glazed terrace/balcony) 
  • Cooling and heating unit with Hanki and Kide: Yes  

No, because the unit requires sufficient ventilation.


  • Always take a shower before entering the pool  
  • Clean the filter weekly and change the filters every 2-6 months depending on the usage 
  • Change the water every 1-3 months (Kinos and Kinos plus) and every 3-7 days (Hanki and Kide) 
  • In heavy use we recommend adding ½ teaspoons of chlorine weekly


  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Relieves pain (e.g. joint pain)
  • Lowers stress and improves resilience
  • Improves immunity
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Refreshes and releases “happy hormones” (endorphins)
  • Activates brown fat 

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Adding ice cubes is forbidden, because the machine may freeze. The water temperature is controlled electronically via touch screen.