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Exclusive Kinos Plus – Professional cold recovery and water therapy for everybody.

When only the highest quality is good enough

Avantopool Kinos Plus is a transportable pool for cold & warm water therapy and professional level cold recovery – always ready for use. Kinos Plus is 20 cm longer than Kinos, enabling taller people to get full body immersion. The tub is a single piece molded construction made of gelcoated fiberglass. The stairs and railings can be installed either on the sides or the end of the pool.

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Always clean water, ecologically

The Kinos Plus pool’s water filtration and automatic continuous ozone purification ensure that the water is always clean. The pool’s energy efficiency keeps operating cost low. Using the smart “sleep mode” for example during the nights, the electricity consumption can be reduced significantly (30-40%). The pool’s highly effective insulation makes sure that maintaining a constant water temperature is cost-effective.

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Avantopool Kinos Plus –Specifications

Dimensions without steps:
Length 140 cm, width 79 cm, height 105 cm

Dimensions with step:
Length 140/174 cm, width 79/113 cm, height 122 cm

320 l

Weight when filled:
480 kg

Weight when empty:
160 kg (with rails and stairs)

Temperature range:
Adjustable between +4°C and +38°C

Cooling / heating electrical power:
0.7kW / 1.5 kW

Average power consumption:
Approximately 5 kWh/day once the pool has reached the target temperature


GWP (Global Warming Potential):

Digital control with touch screen, equipped with a cold recovery timer

Water filtration and continual ozone purification

Power supply:
230V/50Hz, single-phase. Equipped with a residual current device (RCD) in the supply cord.

Cooling / heating speed:
3-4°C / hour

Outdoor use:
Only when fully weather-protected

Frame, basin and side panels 3 years. Mechanical and automation components: 2 years private use, 1 year commercial use.

The thermal lid, steps and railings are included in the standard package.