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Cold recovery is easier than ever before. Cold water is good for both professionals and fitness enthusiasts

Pure cold with the best technology

We Finns are cold experts. Long ago, we realized the health benefits of cold by swimming in the winter waters or rolling in the snow while taking a break from the sauna. So it’s no wonder that the world’s most advanced cold pools also come from Finland.

The portable Avantopool cold pools bring the benefits of ice swimming to everyone, everywhere. They’re always ready-to-use, and you can adjust the clean water to your desired temperature with the touch of a button. Avantopool brings the ice hole to the gym, your team’s locker room, your work or home – all year round.

Explore Avantopool cold pools:

Who needs cold?

Avantopool Kinos cold pool helps with recovery

”The intense pace of the game makes the adrenaline flow, and it takes time for your body to calm down after a game. Using the Avantopool cold pool has relaxed my muscles and helped me relax mentally. It's easier to sleep on game nights.”

– Lennart Petrell, HIFK
HIFK Petrell

Avantopool Kinos

”Avantopool Kinos is the first cold recovery pool that displays the precise temperature of the water, which you can adjust to your liking. It is also clearly more hygienic than the pools you see at many tournament venues.”

– Henri Kontinen, tennis professional