Pure cold

Finnish people have always known that cold is good for you. Throughout times we have taken dips in ice holes or rolled in snow after the sauna.

Avant°pool makes cold therapy and recovery easy. Avant°pool brings clean ice baths to gyms, your team’s locker rooms, workplaces or even your home – all year round.

What is Avant°pool ‘Kinos’?

  1. A portable pool with adjustable water temperature of your own choice, warm or cold.
  2. Easy to use and hygienic – always ready for use.
  3. A Finnish innovation for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, energy-efficient and affordable.

Why is cold good for you?

  1. Refreshes and wakes you up
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Boosts the blood circulation
  4. Relieves pain
  5. Speeds up recovery

Avant°pool is designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, workplaces and for all active people interested in wellbeing, not to mention winter swimmers. Cold therapy and cold recovery used by professional athletes is now available to everyone.

Avant°pool Kinos helps recovery

”The intensity of ice hockey gets the adrenaline flowing, and it takes time for my body to relax after a game. Avant°pool Kinos relaxes my muscles and helps me unwind, also mentally. I’ve slept better after game nights, too.” –Lennart Petrell, HIFK