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Avantopool mukana Slush 2018

Avantopool at Slush Sauna Village

Slush, world’s leading tech-startup and investor event, attracted around 20,000 participants from around the globe to Helsinki Exhibition Center. More than 3,000 startups and 1,800 investors from 130 countries came to exchange ideas, pursue new partners, and look for financing and media exposure.

Slush Sauna Village provided a true Finnish flavor for the event. The idea was to introduce Finnish sauna culture and to offer a Finnish sauna experience to all Slush participants. Sauna Village concept in this format was launched in Slush 2017. Guests, especially from outside the Nordics, enjoyed the traditional saunas and hot tubs but were asking for legendary ice baths. This year pure cold was on the menu as Avantopool brought two Kinos cold pools to Sauna Village. One of the pools was set to +4°C temperature, which is close to real ice hole environment. Temperature of the other Kinos pool was set to +10°C, which is ideal for recovery from sports as well as from normal everyday work.
Stylishly designed and touch screen operated Kinos pools gained a lot of attention beside the traditional hot tubs. Finns are familiar with ice swimming and didn’t hesitate to dip in the colder pool. However, it was surprising to see also the international guests to choose the more extreme +4°C alternative.
Feedback from dippers was fantastic. We heard sighs, squeals and outright screaming but afterwards we saw wide smiles and countless thumbs. Relaxed, energized, fresh… those words described the feelings. True fans enjoyed the saunas and Kinos pools on both days. The atmosphere was really great despite the late autumn slushy weather.
Wendy Liu was visiting Slush from London and was interviewed by MTV3 news after her third dip in Avantopool Kinos “It’s like the new you”.